Tesla’ Inventions at the Basis of the Innovative Product ER-1

The innovative product ER-1 worked out by us is based on the device (Tesla coil) and phenomenon (electromagnetic resonance phenomenon) created and patented by Tesla in 1896 and 1905 accordingly.

ER-1 (electromagnetic resonator) as a product widely used today is represented in the originaal design we patented in 2016. Now ER-1 is used for active protection of plants. This development has been accomplished by the specialists of the TARMIN Eesti Trade OÜ after the three-year successful research and experiments on the EU territory.

The product ER-1 is designed similarly to the cavity electromagnetic resonator. And a resonance frequency of the electrmagnetic wave being used is determined by the size and the form of the container. The advantages of this resonator are its simple structural design and operational efficiency as the ER-1 design we offer allows using different active substances, in our case, these are active substances of three types: insecticides – poisonous chemicals used for extermination of pest insects; fungicides – poisonous chemicals used for prevention of different garden plant diseases (scab, moniliosis, coccomycosis, leaf curl, leaf spot) as well as heteroauxins – chemically active substances widely used as root formation and plant growth harmonization stimulants. During the operation of the electromagnetic resonator ER-1, any direct contact of the active substance with water, air, soil, the environment as a whole, as well as with a plant being tested and man, is excluded. In the course of three years of tests and research, ER-1 proved successful, on the average, in 97 out of 100 cases as compared to the plants on which it wasn’t installed, and all the plants tested were not subjected to any additional treatment. The electromagnetic resonator ER-1 itself and the
principle of its work are ecologically safe and fully comply with the Green Production Programme. Our project on creation of the product ER shares the ideology of the ongoing EU programme Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, and it fully complies with the requirements of the existing UN environmental protection programme – UNEP, United Nations Environment Programme.

At present, the innovative product ER-1 for active plant protection created, patented and tested by us is the only one of its kind in the world. Our ultimate goal is to create our own industrial clean production of ER-1 and, of course, its future upgrading. Today we are already taking steps for the development, creation and testing of the product ER-2 which differs from its forerunner in its improved operational characteristics which will allow to significantly expand the range of its application.

(Original article published in the VESTNIK – The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (November, 2018)

Severin Tarasov


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